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👉 We have an established town planning company with years of extensive professional experience in the field of planning and development. We provide various town planning related services in Mbombela and throughout South Africa.

👉 It is highly suggested to appoint a professional town planner that is registered with the South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN). Our town planners are all registered and in good standing with SACPLAN.

👉 In Mbombela , we can provide an all-inclusive range of professional skills and expertise required to take on different aspects of the planning and development field.


Our services offered include:

✅ Rezoning applications

✅ Township Establishment applications

Consent Use applications

✅ Permission applications

✅ Subdivision applications

✅ Consolidation applications

✅ Division of Farmland applications

✅ Removal of Restrictive Title Deed Conditions applications

✅ Purchase or lease Council Property applications

✅ Contravention Notices

✅ Site Identification & Investigations

✅ Gated Communities & Street/Road Closures

✅ Representation at Municipal Planning Tribunal Hearings

✅ Urban Design Frameworks

✅ Precinct Plans

✅ Feasibility/Due Diligence Investigations and Studies

✅ Development Risk Assessments

✅ Site Clearance

✅ Housing and Density Policies

✅ Land use management

✅ Strategic Spatial Planning

✅ Policy Formulation and Research

✅ Local, Regional and Metropolitan Spatial Development Frameworks

✅ Housing Development Frameworks

✅ Open Space Frameworks

✅ Urban Renewal and Upgrading

✅ Planning and Layout Standards

✅ Compilation of Land Use Management By-laws


✔️ Mbombela, a city located in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, has a history of town planning that has shaped its development over the years.

✔️ In the early 20th century, Mbombela likely adopted its first Town Planning Scheme, which outlined a plan for the expansion and development of the city. This plan would have included provisions for the layout of streets, the allocation of land for different uses, and the provision of public facilities and services.

✔️ Throughout its history, town planning has played a role in shaping the development of Mbombela and addressing the challenges and opportunities it has faced. In the post-apartheid era, town planning in Mbombela may have focused on issues such as urban renewal, affordable housing, and the integration of disadvantaged communities.

✔️ Today, Mbombela is a thriving city with a rich history of town planning that has helped to shape its development and support its growth and prosperity.

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