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Rezoning – Change a use zone to allow for certain land use rights on a property

Township Establishment – A complex process of converting land into residential, commercial or industrial properties

Consent Use – Obtain consent to exercise a certain land use right without changing its zoning (Guest house, Creche, etc.)

Permission – Obtain permission to exercise a certain land use right without changing its zoning (Telecommunication mast, etc.)

Subdivision – Divide land into two or more portions. A Subdivision application is applicable on land within the urban development boundaries

Consolidation – Combine, merge or join together two or more properties, owned by one person or a company.

Division of Farm Land – Divide land into two or more portions. A division of land application is done on Agricultural zoned land

Excision of Holding applications – Revert a holding back to a farm portion in order to apply for a land use change.

Removal of Restrictive Title Deed Conditions – Remove restrictive conditions in a Title Deed that prohibit certain activities.

Purchase or lease Council Property – Acquire land that belongs to the government or municipality.

Contravention Notices – Report Illegal land uses to the Municipality

Site Identification & Investigations

Gated Communities & Street/Road Closures

Representation at Municipal Planning Tribunal Hearings


We can assist with land use rights, such as:

Shopping Centres, Residential Estates, Golf Estates, Office Parks, Home-Undertakings, Medical / Dental Suites, Residential Game Estates, Low Cost Housing Projects, Backpackers, Block of flats, Caretaker’s flat, Car wash, Children’s home, Clinic, Commune, Drive-in restaurant, Duplex dwellings, Dwelling-units, Fitness centre, Garden centre, Home enterprise, Hostel, Hospital, Hotel, Institution, Laboratories, Lodge, Medical consulting rooms, Motor dealership, Nursing home, Office, Place of child care (Creche), Place of amusement , Place of public worship, Place of refreshment, Place of instruction, Sport and recreation club, Telecommunication mast, Veterinary clinic and Wall of remembrance.


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