Excision of Holding Applications

What is an excision of agricultural holding application?


An excision of holding application is lodged to Council in order to revert a holding back to a farm portion, in order to apply for a land use change. This type of application can take approximately 2 months for approval.


An excision application needs to be lodged to Council before any land use rights can be linked to a property. Land use applications cannot be approved by Council unless the holding has been removed from the holding-register at the Deeds Office and placed onto the farm-register.


After approval of the excision application, a land surveyor must be appointed to submit the approval to the Surveyor General to obtain a new farm description. The documents are then returned to the City Council to issue the Excision Certificate. The certificate is then submitted by a lawyer with the Title Deed to the Deed Office to be endorsed with the new farm description on it.

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