Representation at Municipal Planning Tribunal Hearings

What is a MPT (Municipal Planning Tribunal) hearing?


A land use application usually takes several months for approval if no objections are lodged against the application.

If objections are lodged against the application, meetings can be held with the objectors in order to possibly have their objections withdrawn.

If the objections cannot be withdrawn, a MPT hearing will have to be scheduled by the Council’s town planner that deals with the application.

The process to obtain a MPT hearing date and decision can delay the project up to 6 months after the report is completed by the Council town planner for the hearing.

Should have to act on behalf of our client with regards to a hearing, our costs will be levied on a time and cost basis.

In Tshwane, the respective parties (applicant and objectors) will be notified by Council of the hearing date 21 days prior to the official hearing date. Any point in liminé can be submitted by the objectors within 7 working days prior to the hearing date.

At the MPT hearing, every objector, interested person or body and the applicant, including the Municipality or any of its Departments, may state his/her or its case and adduce evidence in support thereof or authorize any other person to do so on his/her behalf.

The Municipal Planning Tribunal must consider all objections and comments by interested persons and after hearing the objectors, comments, the applicant or any other parties to the hearing, approve, or approve with amendments, or refuse, or postpone, or refer the land development application before it back for further investigation and a report.

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