What is a subdivision application?


‚ÄúSubdivision‚ÄĚ means to divide land or a property into two or more portions. A Subdivision application is applicable on land within the urban development boundaries. Subdivisions within urban areas are often also called ‚Äėinfill-development‚Äô or ‚Äėdensification‚Äô.

A subdivision application can be lodged to Council if a property owner decides to cut off an unused part of his/her property to have it registered apart from the original house. The new subdivided portion(s) needs to be registered with the Deeds Office by a Conveyancer. The newly created portion/property can then be sold-off or developed by the property owner.


Property owners must note that the subdivision process is time consuming and can be expensive. The best route for any property owner is to appoint a professional town planner right from the start. A town planner will assess the subject property and offer thorough guidance on the feasibility of dividing a property.


Why subdivide your property?


  • Own 2 properties for the price of one;
  • Create a property for your children and keep the original house to yourself;
  • Develop houses on the subdivided portion(s) and rent them out;
  • Sell-off the subdivided portion(s).


Why appoint a town planner?


A Town Planner can advise you on the following:


  • Area density limitations: The Municipality will only allow subdivision of a property if the property‚Äôs size meets the density requirements of the specific area;
  • Whether a rezoning application will need to be applicable in order to change the density of the property for allowing the subdivision;
  • Whether there are restrictive conditions in the title deed of the property that may have to be removed to allow the subdivision.
  • A town planner will submit the relevant application(s) to the Municipality with full motivations that is in line with complex legislation and Municipal By-Laws.

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